Formula One Reloaded Part Two: The New Era

Formula One has become more than just a sport for many years; it has shifted into highly technological, complex and extensively global sports business show which those things are mean that it’s also very political in nowadays.  You may think I just went overboard by saying that, but take a look on a few of its statistics:

  • Formula One’s 12 teams are worth a combined $4.05 billion, and the average F1 team is worth $337 million with an average annual revenue of $145 million
  • Total revenue is expected to hit $2 billion this year and reach $3.3 billion by 2016.
  • Just $1.65 million goes to as corporation tax on $495 million profit.
  • Teams share a total of $698.5  income in 2011 but this is expected to rise by over every year approx. $150m in coming year
  • Over 600 billion audiences watched the races just from tv by 2008 but Red-Bull’s dominance between 2010 to 2013 triggered to decrease audiences  to 450 billion by 2013
  • A Formula one car produces such an amount of downforce pressure on itself that makes it able go on a tunnel’s ceiling. Geronimooo!?^#?!
  • 0-100 km/h takes approx takes under 2.5 secs for an F1 car
  • 691 kg chassis weight, 760 bhp in total. (approx 600 bhp from 1.6 liter V6 turbo petrol engine + 160 bhp from energy recovery system ). Ps: Energy recovery system is kind of an alien tech!
  • Drivers can sweat off anything up to 3kg of their body weight during the course of a race by the effect of 50 celsius of cockpit heat and 80% humidity. Plus vibrations…. Who needs a sauna, right?
  • An F1 driver could react to surroundings in 185 milliseconds which it almost same with the 100m sprinter. Respect!
  • Wanna an F1 driver? Ok, start the train on abdominals, forearms, hands, quadriceps, wrists and most importantly the neck! You gonna need them all cause your body has to endure 5G over 300km/h (5 times over of your body weight) in some corners and braking zones. FOCUS and kill it!!

They’re quite eye-catching statistics but why FIA started another new era in F1 for all that impressive statistics when everything just fine? Have they tried to fix it when it’s not broken? Actually for many F1 fans just don’t like what happened on F1 but the answer goes for establishing the new motto of F1: Marketable Formula One, in other words, more brand power for every partner. Let’s put a lens:

Goes Around, Comes around:

Do you know any other global sport that it has such industrial connection with various sectors while affecting our daily life? I mean probably driving a much fuel-efficient and safer car means -or for those who loves faster ones like me :D- something for you but where do you think those cars developing in? In motorsports, notably F1. Automotive companies know that: Developing new techs on track; putting them into their road cars, selling them with F1’s elite image is their gold digging’ tactic for many years. But today this tactic had to evaluate a bit into ‘green’ version cause today, marketing campaigns based on green products mostly. As we all know green is the new color of marketing for every service and product. So new engine regulations targets to make the F1 turn into much green in every aspect. 

Let me put it straight: ‘The new greener F1′ will assist to car manufacturers for establishing much more green image about their brand positioning at the first place. Every brand in the automotive industry wants to have a strong image today. In terms of giving ‘green‘ colored image; FIA has been upgraded F1’s attractiveness with new engine regulation maneuver for sure. In the beginning of the season, Mercedes officials have mentioned that the german brand wants to still stay in F1 cause they want to prove that the best engine technology is theirs. They’re quite successful about that so far; Ferrari and Renault got more to do with catching them. Mercedes would take a title by end of season and sales representatives could send a letter from Stuttgart to their customers like Dear Mercedes Lover, We have been kicked Ferrari’s and Renault as*es many times so our cars much green but still faster than others, here is the new S-Class coupe, wanna buy?‘ What happens then? Adding a little drop fairy-marketing dust by marketing depts, the result is ka-boom!!! Mercedes wipes out of BMW’s new Grand Coupe in sales! That sounds like a kinda scenario that exactly automakers wanted to see for themselves in the market, isn’t it?

Additionally to image thing, developing cycle is an another attractive point for automakers. Let’s face it; V8 engines will be missed in terms of sound and RPM capacity – personally I still miss V10s’- but the V8 era cars were so connected to aerodynamics in terms of gaining speed because of the limited engine regulations; developing cycle we’re almost done except tires and aero area in F1. There wasn’t enough either developing possibility or technology transfer opportunity in F1 no longer. Based upon those reasons this new turbo engines already seemed juicy for other manufacturers; Honda decided to get back with Mclaren, Ford is considering to do so even poor Cosworth already built a new 1.6 liter V6 for coming season!

Imagine F1’s image from its business card: Ferrari, Mercedes, Ford, Renault, Honda, Cosworth and other possible newcomers… What a big win-win situation based on play big, earn big criteria! That business card will support bringing more fans into at least save the loyalty to F1 based on competition and more fans mean a bigger market for everyone! Also, a green F1 going to put some honey to NGOs’ mouth like Greenpeace more than a Toyota Prius does 😀 Additionally governments will like and support that green F1 idea. As a result of that more countries will compete to organize a race in their lands for marketing of their country opposite of our clumsy managers. Oh, man, we have a beautiful race circuit in Turkey but only birds are racing in! Damn!

Anyway, F1 relates with a big market which is delicious for sponsors but honestly, F1 was suffering about being more attractive for big global names into the sport for a while cause F1 was too expensive to run in total. Global companies were not sure about the benefits of getting in such a sport in terms of cost-function analysis and possible image on customers eye! There isn’t a big new name such as Samsung but interestingly in the podium ceremony of Malaysian GP, Lewis and Nico have beaten the drums many times for Petronas on live coverage in front of billions of people in total. Now, people around the world know that Mobil, Shell and etc. are not alone! Is this a coincidence that Mercedes PR department had been told to their drivers for beating drums for the main sponsor’s name in everywhere? New cars are so related with ‘fuel efficiency’ remember? 😉 That sounds like a thing that Petronas may want to have!

We’re about to be eyewitnesses of a brand new formula one starting from this season as a result of re-evaluated regulation changes: less aerodynamic, an engineering wonder, fuel-efficient and much driver effective cars have arrived in town in other words totally a new era has begun. But this doesn’t mean that new cars are more ‘old school’; just opposite, new monsters are much more technological. By reason of new high-tech, equipments allow to driver show his talents more than previous years. All the drivers still need to push a few buttons for getting in a dogfight unlikely but still, we all miss that dogfight or powerslides; don’t we? I think this new version of formula one reminds me to a half organic, half high-tech cyborgs; we still need to driver talents’  for seeing sports itself as well as we need to techs such as ERS or DRS to make the sports turn into a global show. By the way; I have to mention about techs like DRS here; it’s all though still like artificial overtaking but as we all know we need more passing maneuvers which mean more overtakes and exciting races. As a result, we have more marketable formula one today…Don’t blame FIA for that 😀 On the other hand FIA shouldn’t make the new rules matter to worse while to be helpful! I mean we F1 fans just don’t like the look and sound of cars and even this may cause loosing fans which could make Marketable F1 drown! 

To sum-up, Formula One is well-beyond sitting in a box tube and driving it fastly and we want to see it always like that! Also, it’s understandable the reasons of the regulation change which I mentioned: The FIA dealing with ensuring that we’ll have sustainable and grown F1 in better conditions. On the other hand we F1 fans even drivers thinking that new F1 is kinda boring and ugly but let’s see what’s upon us! You know; goes around, comes around. 

Stay tuned; be Creatensive!


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