Formula One Reloaded Part one: The Hunt is On!

Yeap, I totally agree with you; new formula cars look like faulty production…I think rule-makers were drunk or something while creating 2014 regulations. They’re damn ugly! Also engine sound is like vacuum cleaner. Personally I got to say that, while I’m growing up; Ferrari 412T’s V12 was the maestro of the orchestra so all I can say is; new turbo cars are sounds like- if there is a sound there (!)vacuum cleaner besides  the new look of cars support that freaky image when I willy-nilly compare new cars with those old ones. C’mon! :@ But still we all F1 fans we’ve been waiting for the beginning of the hunting season; don’t we? Let’s see what happened in the first race:

Sharpen Silver Arrows 

Nico Rosberg justified Mercedes’ billing as 2014 Formula One favourites by producing a faultless drive to claim victory in the Australian Grand Prix and he opened the new era of formula one with a rock solid victory. I’m not really sure could pole starter Lewis win the race if he would finish it, because Nico was driving solid but actually the victory was appealed eyes of Mercedes guys from the winter tests’ crystal ball anyway. All Mercedes teams were fast or at least reliable with both factory and satellite teams so it was an advantage for Merc to make more miles with new cars a specially on new power-unit.While other non-merc teams were suffering via various problems; the new W05 was doing its job like a real german tank. It’s was totally same in Melbourne, the car just really impressed me: it slows well, balanced under braking besides it accelerates smoothly opposite of any other cars also it’s got more straight-line speed than others. New Mercedes is the Alfa of the pack for now,surely. Nico and Lewis have many reasons to put a huge smile on their Facebook statuses. Game,set and match to Merc!

Gives you wings : Didn’t worked for this time

Ohh,what about Red-Bull,huh? The winter tests probably have reminded to them that how does being like an immortal again; they faced with many problems, the new bull was born very fragile. Hence yes, the race wasn’t bad as excepted for Red-Bull, the car seemed well-packaged but still it was the best non-merc car on the podium.  It seems like if Renault fixes power unit problems, the bull will hunt again cause chassis has the pace for sure. Anyway the essential is this kid who is smiling in the picture. Did you recognised that young man? He happened to them actually! Nope, he isn’t part of Ferrari’s young driver programme but if he keep continue his proved performance and being trouble for Sebastian Vettel; he’d be take a real Ferrari suit in future. He is Daniel Ricciardo ladies and gents!!! his name is Ricchhhardiio, according to Alonso’s İtalian race engineer’s spelling (!) 😀 –   He was the only best thing for happened to Red-Bull since beginning of the season. Look at his big smile on his younger versions’ face. He was showing that smile for all over the weekend and I’m pretty sure about that smile was irritating for other drivers cause he smiles like ok guys I’m a rookie but let’s have fun I’ll be fast as much as my car anyhow. The question is that; would he have that smile by end of the season against world champ Vettel? I mean he has that such a naive also self-confidence attitude. He gives that image even from his radio conversations in fact that his radio comments during the race were very measured. There were no nerves in his voice. He was quick in right places on right time but sadly his effort ruined by disqualification based on technical breach by Red-Bull. Still he would be the toughest team mate Vettel has ever matched. Speaking out of Vettel; I’m sure he is still a world champion, fast and bold but he was unlucky. Red-Bull says ” We’ve been surprised that all the problems happened to Seb”. That sentence kind of prove that Red-Bull is Seb’s kingdom! A big throne fight is in sight? Yes,the winter is coming!!! 😛

”My name is Williams,Martini Williams!”

Damn,it’s a cool name;isn’t it? It was good to see Williams were able to showing pace for hunting front-runners again starting from the season-beginning. It’s been a while since 2004 which was the last time that I saw a Williams car made such a reputation. Ok, do you remember what happened to them?  Let’s make summary here:

Successful years with Renault, Williams have established a partnership with BMW by end of ’99 season. Expectations were high for both BMW and Williams names and the partnership gone well: The team was challenging with Ferrari for both titles between 2001 to 2004. Many race trophies gained, poles taken many times but still Ferrari was too big to bite, in other words The Cavallino was so powerful to beat because of that BMW.Williams partnership haven’t reached to definite target which was having the championship title. Later on divorce happened and after BMW established its own team which is another different story.

Anyway; off course that situation harmed the Williams but mostly damaged bank accounts. With other words; economic situation caused by lack of resources; lack of resources conduce to less developed cars and bad performance then it created low marketability and situation gone such like a circle. Today, Williams seemed they’ve found the cure; the ‘Williams’ name now backed-up with Martini’s high charisma (and money of course). Beyond any doubt; the Martini name will give secure marketability to Williams name, therefore, it seems they’ve solved their financial issues now. As long as Pat Symonds manages his engineering department keeping well on improvement about the car; money will keep flowing to accounts. They have talented men, fast drivers and now the resources. Is this the return of mighty Williams Team? Well, it’s too early for speaking but at least this was the brightest season start for them after 10 years! Sir Frank Williams, you have deserved that big smile on your face for now!

Felipe baby, stay cool!

Ferrari years could be different for Felipe Massa if that bad accident never happened to him in Hungary ’09. Before the accident his performance almost has matched with his highly reputed teammate in his first year in Ferrari; Michael ‘The King’ Schumacher. After Michael’s first retirement from F1; people thought that Michael’s successor Kimi ‘ICEMAN’ Raikkonen going to cement on him but it never happened; he was as fast as Kimi. Seriously, he is a really talented driver, in fact, he is a half-world champion, saved remember what happened in Brazil’08!

Problem is that Felipe is a very emotional individual, he saved his life from that accident thankfully but he seemed like he lost something from his brave attitude in a manner. And that was the problem in his situation with Fernando Alonso, he couldn’t concentrate again like he use to does therefore Fernando defeat him really bad in Ferrari. Hence Felipe was needing to a fresh start so he is just re-born from the ashes in Williams, no doubt so Kobayashi as well 😀 Massa could back to home with nice points if Kobayashi and his Caterham haven’t kamizkazed to Massa’s Williams from the rear side. Caterham’s technical failure ruined both drivers race. That’s why there is only option to examine the pace of Williams; the performance Vatteri Botas. He did fantastic job! He was quick in everywhere on track but once he tried to clean a wall with his rear tires in early stages of the race; the rear tire punctured so he dropped back but he re-gained all the positions back in Raikkonen-ish styla which was impressive! The car allowed him to do that so don’t underestimate netiher Williams or their drivers.

Slince before the storm

I’d say that this year could be a nightmare for Jenson Button, cause he has cold-blood; fast team mate Kevin Magnussen.  Imagine yourself; you’re a rookie in your team; you’re rookie with new technical regulations and you got beat your world champion team-mate by margin. Nope, it doesn’t make you a lucky bastard, that by margin word saves you from being a lucky bastard. It does make you talented driver and a nominee for future world champion! I just gone overboard? I don’t think so because team Boss Ron Dennis sad that Kevin’d be the world champion after the race. Thereupon there isn’t much to say about Kevin but if a driver is able to put a huge smile on Ron Dennises’ face; that driver should be damn good! Remember Lewis Hamilton? 😉

Cavallino : Still a prancing horse?

Let’s put direct a summary here about them: Cavallino struggled again and we were expecting just opposite for this time! So what happened on track? The new F14-T seemed messy on every mm of track, it was like the car was so confused with all the systems. On the other hand Ferrari-supplied teams weren’t happy about straight-line pace and fuel consumption aspects. Thanks to Fernando’s fantastic performance which has saved Ferrari again.

I just sad again cause all F1 world already heard  those ‘this year winning is the target’ either ‘we have solved bla bla issue so we are ready for fight’ or familiar sentences many times since 2009 and current speeches from Ferrari still same sadly. When I consider Ferrari’s whole bag of tricks and compare them in terms of resources with other teams; any possible excuse or reason from Ferrari’s officials sound like nothing! Tifosies waiting for definite win, not the ‘fighting for the title’ situation.

You may say I just gone too hard on Ferrari but the reason that behind of my criticism is; all F1 fans still remember the glory years of Ferrari. In those glory years, Ferrari boys have so raised the bar between years of 1997 to 2006; even they can’t reach it again today. The problem exactly starts here: I think Ferrari’s problem is their ”We’re The Ferrari” attitude. Yes, Ferrari name means a lot; no any doubt for it; like a legend. Also having 1st place always been the target for them since those golden years but remember: Brawn-Byrne-Martinelli were designing the car; Schumacher were flying with it even beyond of car’s limit’s and Todt were the chief of the orchestra. That invincible armada were rocking the damn tracks assistance with bridgetstone’s tylor-made tyres for Ferrari. Before those years; Ferrari wasn’t able to get the any title for 20 years and Ferrari’s officials were speaking just like today in that 20 years of time. Unfortunately winning become a habit after years with that invincible armada’s musketeers. Therefore Ferrari needs to establish a ‘clock-working’ style system cause starting from those glory years; Ferrari has become too much ‘person-oriented’ team rather than ‘system-oriented’ like Mclaren and they know it today. I mean look at Mclaren; whatever happens to them; they react qucikly and develops fastly which is thier cooparate culture!

Another question: when was the last time have you seen an innovation from the Ferrari?

or this one:

When was the last time the others tried to ‘copy’ Ferrari’s desgins?

Ferrari knows that those questions must be asked therfore team principle Mr. Dominecalli hardly works to establish such a structure hence the team re-established -again- with famous names. All needed is a harmony. From now on; there isn’t ”the full-side of glass” situation for Maranello cause Ferrari got everything needed to catch up so there isn’t any place for any excuse, not anymore! Take a look: rock-solid resources, probably the best driver line-up, talented engineers, incredible facilities and whatever it takes. Ps: I saw that Ferrari seeks new mechanical enginners for Scuderia’s engine dept. on by Linkedin, holy Cavallino; you guys have been late to do that search!

All the people in the Maranello have to shut their mouthes up and work like Mozart to get a harmony. But no matter happens to Ferrari for this season there is another issue that we’ve been waiting for the solve : ICE or FIRE! Which one is the best? What do you think?

Laraikkonen-vs-alonsodies and gents! Who’s going to knocked-out? Since Kimi and Fernando have entered to Formula One in the early of 2000s’; it was clear that we were watching the next generation of champions, they both were unique! But still we were not sure who is better for all these years. Today, we have a good chance to discover it cause as you all know comparing two drivers is only fair when both of them got exactly same equipment.

First of all don’t expcet fireworks like Senna and Prost have had in the Mclaren end of 80’s cause Mclaren and Ferrari different in terms of management style and cooperate culture. Therfore Fernando and Kimi knows the differences further more they both experienced that situation as Mclaren and Ferrari dirvers. As long as Ferrari gives exactly same equipment which Ferrari is able to do so there won’t be any problem cause opposite of Senna-Prost situation, they both know that they’re firstly racing for Ferrari, not for themselves.


Fernando and Kimi are different in a level like how ICE and FIRE differentiates from each other. That’s it. There isn’t grey point which is what Raikkonen has that Alonso does not is a ”I know what I’m doing, shut up and drive than go home” behaviour. He gives what he can, enjoys and moves over! I mean look at the picture; just before the race he sleeps in the backside of garage; when time time cames up he drives unquestionably fast than get’s the job done! That’s typical Kimi. He doesn’t give anything about the rest. On the other hand Alonso already established the team arround himself, he speaks italian, he does whatever he is on with 110% all the time. He had shown fantastic performances in Ferrari since 2010 even better than his Renault times that where he becomes 2 times world champion.

 To sum up; they both fast but in different style. It seems like Fernando is more Ferrari man and he is about the try put a pyschological warfare on Kimi by proving he is the leader in Ferrari for the long term. On the other hand; Kimi won’t mind it as long as Ferrari provides equal equipment cause he only interesting in having a fast car. Kimi knows that whenever he comforts in the car; Fernando will have more thing to consider about! But don’t expect a type of loyalty or leadrship from Kimi like Fernando does for years. If Ferrari could manage this driver line up well and provide a decent car; one of them will be the world champion and the other will be gone for the long term.


Just one sentence going for enough to explain : Well, where the hell was the Lotus team?

That’s all I wanted to say about Melbourne GP but in the PART 2; I’ll be take a closer look about new Formula One from the business point of view.

Stay tuned; be creatensive!


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