Greetings to ladies and gents!

My names is Berkay a.k.a ‘Creatensive’ from Turkey and so on 😛 Usually bloggers try to introduce themselves to this kind of pages and nothing wrong about that but let’s make a deal here: First answer following questions then I’ll introduce myself.

  • Are you addicted to anything  goes fast on earth? I mean an F1 car on the parabolica or the sound of an American muscle in a tunnel or etc? Yeah, exciting stuff; aren’t they?
  • Do you like some clever, intelligent and unique creations that make our lives easier?
  • Or maybe you like to discuss intensive ideas for marketing campaigns; especially creative guerilla style ones?

If you have given the ‘yes’ answer to at least one of those bullets; then welcome to my blog!

In this blog, I’ll try to share what caught my eye from the automotive industry to marketing campaigns based on what ı wrote in bold.

What does it mean?

Well; I believe leading to innovation is the key element of learning. Once you learn new things, you can grow and lead to success!

If you are still reading this, we’re on the same path on this journey so please feel free to share your comments, ideas insomuch as what caught your eye in terms of creativeness to publish in this blog. Who knows, we may discuss and re-discover things together which is the main idea behind of this blog!

Ummm, who I’m right? Ok, that’s my part to handle about our deal. Please hit on to the ”Who I’m” section 😀

Thank you very much for visiting!


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